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December 5, 2023

Are you tired of seeing ads and not being able to download videos and photos from Instagram? Well then, you’ve arrived at the right place. For a top-notch Instagram experience, you need to buckle up and download Instander APK. Instander is such a life-saving app that one can get the most use out of it for free.

About Instander APK

Instander is the modified version of the Instagram app with several new exciting features. Instander is one of the best alternatives to Instagram one can come across. A user-friendly interface and some outstanding features set it apart from its competitors. It is a whole new app to explore, the more you go deeper, the more exciting and interesting the journey gets. 

Is waiting for your account to satisfy badge requirements a good option or would you wanna consider looking at what Instander is offering for zero pennies? I’d recommend the second option because no one wants to go through an extensive and tiresome amount of time for being verified on Instagram. Or have you thought about staying hideous while you watch everyone’s stories but have no clue where to get access to such features? Well then, take it as a hint and find out what Instander APK can offer.

Instander APK Download
Instander APK Download

Instander allows its users to get a first-hand experience with some incredibly designed features that you wouldn’t find on the Instagram app. Apart from basic features, there are countless new features installed in this app that will prove to be helpful at certain times. From a feature that allows you to stay anonymous while viewing everyone’s stories to disabling advertisements on the Instagram app. There’s more to it. Let’s dig in and find out.

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Instander APK Features

⚡ Download pictures and videos: Instander let you download photos and videos from Instagram without any hassle. You can download anytime anywhere and get your downloaded data in high quality. 

⚡ Hide stories from unwanted people: Despite having a public account, you can hide creeps from viewing your stories since people can make you uncomfortable on social media platforms. Simply, select the people you want to hide stories from and you’re done.

⚡ Disable certain posts from sharing: If you don’t want people sharing your posts, then this feature might become your favorite. You can apply it to selective posts or even all posts of yours. 

⚡ Ad-free: Let’s be honest, advertisements could be very annoying at times when you want to view stories in peace or watch videos on Instagram. Instander comes with a feature that allows you to hide advertisements and set you free from the shackles of advertisements.

⚡ Extensive content search: Instagram could be very irritating at times when you want to search for IGTV or reels. Instander comes with this cool feature that allows you to search wide content and use different keywords to find the desired videos and reels you’re looking for. 

⚡ Hide your view from others’ stories: This is such an amazing feature that allows you to stay anonymous and mysterious while viewing others’ stories. Observe anyone’s stories and they wouldn’t know if you did. 

⚡ Hide typing status: This feature allows you to hide your typing status. The other person won’t have a clue if you’re typing or not.

⚡ Improve quality: Most of the time, your photos and videos that are being uploaded on Instagram end up losing their quality and appear blurry. To avoid such a situation, use this feature on Instander and improve the quality of your uploaded photos and videos.

⚡ Secure application: This is a safe application that comes with effective protection so users can have an amazing experience.


Lastly, Instander APK is an incredibly designed application and will definitely meet users’ expectations. Instander is one of the best replacements for Instagram and will stand out from its competitors. We would highly recommend all the people out there download this app and utilize the full potential of its features.

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